1. Pool Layout Meeting

Before the excavator is moved on site, we will have a site meeting to finalize the size and location of the pool and filter equipment.

2. Swimming Pool Excavation

The excavation crew will arrive on site to dig the pool. We will need power and water available. In the event that we hit ledge or soil unable to accommodate the pool, buried stumps etc. we will need a phone number where we can reach you to authorize any changes or extra expense.

3. Pool Wall Panel Assembly

The wall crew will arrive and set up the steel wall panels. They will then level the pool using a laser transit to ensure the pool is perfectly level in the yard. We will pour a concrete collar around the perimeter of the pool , pour the shallow end floor and the deep end pad. We will need power and water available at this phase of construction.

4. Plumbing Rough-In

Our plumbing crew will arrive and install whatever piping is necessary per your contract specifications, depending on the site conditions. The pipes may be extended to the filter location or they may be stubbed off at the pool’s edge to be extended at a later date. The piping will be pressurized with either water or air and will remain so throughout the pool construction process.

5. Grading

After the concrete process and initial plumbing is complete, we will rough grade the site with existing fill. If additional fill is needed, we would like to have it delivered at this time while our machine is on site. After the site has been graded it is time for the electrician to begin the electrical work.

6. Hard Bottom

After the pool has been graded we will order a gunite concrete mix to finish off the sloped walls in the deep end hopper. This is a more expensive way of constructing the pool (instead of using stone dust or vermiculite) but alleviates any problems further down the road.

7. Vinyl Liner Installation

After the hard bottom is cured we will install your liner. We will install a foam wall pad around the wall perimeter and over the shallow end floor to give a cushioned feel to the pool and to protect the liner against any imperfections in the cement floor. We will install special vacuums to remove any air from behind the liner, this will ensure a perfect fit.

8. Pool Start-Up

When your pool is filled to the middle of the skimmer and the electrician has completed wiring the filtration system, we ask that you call our office to set up a time when we can meet you and give you instructions on pool care and maintenance. At this time we will deliver any accessories that are included in your pool contract.

9. Follow Up

The follow-up crew is made of technicians from the service department who are trained in all aspects of pool construction, operation and especially maintenance. They will provide written materials and booklets on pool care. Should any questions develop after this final phase our retail store and service department are open six days a week for chemical and service support.